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Sun Daisy

Sun Daisy Rhinestone & Wire Wrapping

Sun Daisy by Laura OckelThis is my latest (and new favorite) wire wrapping project.  I’m going to post it on Pinterest because I’m curious to see if people like it.  If I get some pins, I’ll write up a tutorial with pics of the work in progress, the metamorphosis of the concept and the development of the color palette. This started out as a very abstract design, but the lower area started looking very organic, like a flower.  I was planning a speckled gradient from hot pink through fire opal and lemon into lime and hints of teal.  As the daisy emerged, I saw the upper right design as a sun and the rolling curves in the center as cumulonimbus clouds.  The sun has a pointy motif with an excessive quantity of Swarovski AB2X  bicones radiating like sun beams. The beads in the clouds were added more as a support than as a design element.  The piece looked good without them.  However, once I saw those round pave beads separating the sun from the daisy, I fell in love.  They really add dimension to the piece.  They set a clear separation, and their roundness somehow creates the illusion of depth.

Sun Daisy2 by Laura Ockel

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