A Dry Champagne

ChampagneA by LauraOckel

Oversized barware has become a popular item in craft stores, but what can you do with them?  Well, here’s one idea.

By combining a mini succulent plant and a collection of crystals, I’ve created an airy, colorful demonstration of patterns in nature.

Champagne1 by LauraOckel

The bottom of the glass is filled with sand for drainage, but by using colorful sand, it becomes part of the design.

Champagne3 by LauraOckel


The succulent is placed on top of the sand while still in the original pot.  The surrounding area is then filled with pebbles (I used white aquarium gravel on this one) and coarse sand.

ChampagneB by LauraOckel


Try to keep the sand in the inner circle of the terrarium.  If you put sand over the top of the pebbles, it will trickle down through the rocks and look messy.  But if the outer circle of the terrarium has only pebbles, it will look well-manicured like a botanical garden.

For a step-by-step tutorial on making a sand art terrarium, click HERE.

The crystals used in this terrarium are amethyst and quartz, picked up from a local rock and gem show.

Champagne2 by LauraOckel

Champagne4 by LauraOckel





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