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The Highway Powerline Process

I’ve been working on this process for a series of highway powerline photos. Highway Powerlines 1
– First, the image is changed to high contrast black and white,

– Then a vignette is added on a separate Photoshop layer in salmon/clay brown, set to *Difference*

Vignette set at Normal 100% Opacity

Vignette set at Difference 100% Opacity

– Then the artistic border is added in the same clay brown set to *Multiply* at 22% opacity

And here is the final result:Highway Powerlines 3s

In this one, I kept some of the original color of two signs. Highway Powerlines 2s The artistic edges were purchased from Daz3D in a collection called Ron’s Artistic Edges.

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Color Paper Texture

Custom Photoshop Texture

Haizy Create this effect using the custom texture below.  Click for full size version, then right-click and “save image as” to download.  Use the texture as a Photoshop layer set to Vivid Light at 100%.

Color Paper Texture2flowertexturebefore

texturehow Or try the alternate color version below.  It also looks great on the Difference or Hard Light layer setting at 100% opacity.

Color Paper Texture



Customize your color palette by shifting the hue of the texture layer, or try flipping the texture or rotating it 180 degrees.

This is an easy way to work with textures and it gives you a lot of flexibility.  You can alter the hue and saturation of the original image or the texture layer.  You can erase parts of the texture layer to highlight the best aspects of the original photo.

You can also use this custom texture in Perfect Effects, providing that you know how to access a custom texture in Perfect Effects.  If not, have no fear, for I will be covering that soon in an upcoming blog post.   Warmest wishes until then!

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Removing Rainspots

tulip1The rainspots were annoying.  The picture was nice enough, but I thought those little white speckles on the dark tulips really detracted from the image.  But I didn’t like the image enough to remove each dot individually.  Nobody would see it that closely.

Topaz Simplify is a great Photoshop plug-in with many fun applications, but for once I just wanted to “simplify” an image.  I also added a little extra color, and here is the result:

tulip2It’s a subtle change, but that’s what I wanted.  View the images full screen to really see the effect.

Rather than go through all the settings, here is the Topaz Simplify preset to download:


If you have Topaz Simplify 4, the button to import a preset is in the bottom left corner, right next to the buttons to save and export.  This zip file has 2 versions of the “Remove Waterspots” preset.  If you go to customize them, the Global Adjustment – Simplify – Simplify Size is an important setting to play with.  A lot of the settings had no impact on my tulip images, but they may be important for your subject matter.

Topaz Import

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