Removing Rainspots

tulip1The rainspots were annoying.  The picture was nice enough, but I thought those little white speckles on the dark tulips really detracted from the image.  But I didn’t like the image enough to remove each dot individually.  Nobody would see it that closely.

Topaz Simplify is a great Photoshop plug-in with many fun applications, but for once I just wanted to “simplify” an image.  I also added a little extra color, and here is the result:

tulip2It’s a subtle change, but that’s what I wanted.  View the images full screen to really see the effect.

Rather than go through all the settings, here is the Topaz Simplify preset to download:


If you have Topaz Simplify 4, the button to import a preset is in the bottom left corner, right next to the buttons to save and export.  This zip file has 2 versions of the “Remove Waterspots” preset.  If you go to customize them, the Global Adjustment – Simplify – Simplify Size is an important setting to play with.  A lot of the settings had no impact on my tulip images, but they may be important for your subject matter.

Topaz Import

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